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International Networking of the Federal Scientific Institutions (FSIs)
Call for proposals

Call 2018: Cultural heritage


The present call aims on the one hand to develop the expertise of the federal scientific institutes (FSI) by supporting their inclusion in networks with international partners and on the other hand to provide a first support for structural cooperation with the institutions in the selected proposals. The call invites FSI's to submit proposals for international networking in the domain of cultural heritage, including tangible, intangible and natural heritage, with partners of countries of their choice.

2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage ( Institutions and citizens are encouraged to develop activities that support European heritage. This call goes beyond European heritage and responds to Europe's motto 'open to world' with regard to science and innovation cooperation, by being open to participants from all over the world.
Support will be granted to networking only; no research activities will be funded via this call.

Eligible partners and eligible networks under the framework of the call

In order to be eligible, proposals must include at least one partner from a FSI and one partner from a non-profit research institution from outside Belgium. The proposed network can also include Belgian non-profit research institutes.

The coordinator must be affiliated to a FSI. Each FSI may submit several projects. Networks should include no more than 5 partners that are financed by the BELSPO project (the coordinator being included).                          

Budget and duration of projects

The total budget of the call is 300.000 €. Each proposal can request to BELSPO a maximum funding of 35.000 €. The funding, via the coordinator, includes activities of the partner from outside Belgium.

The projects funded in the framework of this call must have a lifetime of minimum 1,5 and maximum 3 years.

How can you participate in the call?

The first step consists in reading the information file. The file includes a check list allowing you to check if your proposal is eligible under this call.

Proposals have to be submitted by the coordinator (from a FSI) to via the submission file, available in English. Annexes are not taken in account.

de coördinatoren worden gevraagd om aan hun voorstel(len) een formulier, ondertekend door de Algemene Directeur van hun instelling, toe te voegen.
les coordinateurs sont priés de faire accompagner leur(s) proposition(s) d'un formulaire signé par le Directeur général de leur institution

Eligibility and selection

The deadline for submission of proposals is Thursday 14 June 2018 at 15 h E.T.

After closure of the call and after a check of the compliance with the eligibility criteria, eligible proposals will be evaluated by a panel of experts from BELSPO and/or designated by BELSPO. Proposals will be selected on the basis of the assessment results and the budget available.

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For more information please contact the secretariat of the "Federal, Interfederal and International coordination" service at

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