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Conferences, symposia and education activities
of the Federal Scientific Institutes

> 2017 | Planetarium

Activities at the Planetarium - Film 360°: The Blind Man with Starry Eyes.
New film: Solar Superstorms.

> 21.07.2017 | Royal Library of Belgium

Ouverture exceptionnelle du Palais de Charles de Lorraine
Pour la Fête nationale, le Palais de Charles de Lorraine vous ouvre ses magnifiques espaces néo-classiques et son musée du XVIIIe siècle
Bezoek gratis het Paleis van Karel van Lotharingen

Ter gelegenheid van de Nationale feestdag opent het Paleis van Karel van Lotharingen, dat andere paleis van Brussel, voor u zijn prachtige neoklassieke vertrekken en zijn Museum van de 18de eeuw.

of the Federal Scientific Institutes

2017 | Royal Museum for Central Africa - Pop-up Museum

During the closure for renovation, we become a pop-up museum: you can find us at various locations with exhibitions and activities for everyone.

> till 30.06.2017 | Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

De cheminements d’eau et de biodiversité, vers des créations urbaines durables
L’exposition «De cheminements d’eau et de biodiversité, vers des créations urbaines durables» dépeint six réalisations développées en Région de Bruxelles-Capitale. Elles ouvrent de nouvelles fenêtres sur ce que pourrait devenir une ville qui valorise l’eau et la biodiversité. L’exposition montre l’état d’avancement de projets qui ont été réalisés au cours de ces dernières années. A l’aide de textes, illustrations, photos et cartes historiques, les projets suivants sont décrits: un Parcours biodiversité dans le Parc Léopold, là un Jardin bien tempéré à Potamoes, ici une Coulée verte et bleue à Neptune, là encore Morichar qui se désimperméabilise, une Nouvelle rivière urbaine entre Brel et Bempt ou la Source du Calvaire qui resurgit. L’exposition est présentée dans le Lobby du Muséum, situé entre la salle 250 ans de sciences naturelles et la salle BiodiverCITY. Elle a été réalisée par l’Institut et les Etats généraux de l’Eau à Bruxelles.
La visite de l’exposition est gratuite avec l’entrée aux salles permanentes du Muséum
Water- en biodiversiteitswegen richting stedelijke en duurzame ontwikkelingen
De tentoonstelling “Water- en biodiversiteitswegen richting stedelijke en duurzame ontwikkelingen” toont zes projecten die verspreid zijn over het Brussels Gewest. Ze geven een beeld van hoe de stad er zou kunnen uitzien wanneer water en biodiversiteit centraal staan. De tentoonstelling toont de voortgang van de projecten die tijdens de laatste jaren zijn opgestart. Teksten, foto’s, illustraties en historische kaarten verduidelijken volgende projecten: het biodiversiteitsparcours in het Leopoldpark, de stadsmoestuin van Potamoes, het blauw-groen lint in de Neptunuswijk, het opnieuw doorlaatbare Monichar-erf, de nieuwe stadrivier tussen Brel en Brempt en de Kalvariebron die opnieuw opduikt. De tentoonstelling, in de Lobby van het Museum tussen de zaal 250 jaar natuurwetenschappen en BiodiverCITY, is tot stand gebracht door het Instituut en door de Staten Generaal van het Water in Brussel.

> till 02.07.2017 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Rik Wouters
A Retrospective
A prominent figure in Brabant’s Fauvism, Rik Wouters brought us brilliant and colorful art, far from the dramas that marked his existence until his early death in 1916 at the age of 34. Rik Wouters equally mastered painting, sculpting and drawing: his extraordinary career has made him an essential representative of Modern Art in Belgium.
The retrospective exhibition organized by the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, in partnership with the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp, is exceptional. For the first time, the two museums bring together in one exhibition the most important collection of works by the illustrious Belgian artist of the early 20th century. Rare loans from private collections and major international museums complete the ensemble. This major exhibition closes the series of tributes linked to the centenary of the artist’s death.

> till 02.07.2017 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Angel Vergara: From Scene to Scene
Focus Exhibition
The work of the Brussels-based Spanish artist Angel Vergara includes many disciplines: performance, video, installations, drawings, paintings. Through these techniques the artist explores and opens up the field of painting and its new forms, from an aesthetic and an ethical point of view. Vergara’s new figurative approach is an answer to the contemporary challenges of painting, whereby he reinterprets already mediated images or manipulates them by the language of moving images.

> till 02.07.2017 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Pierre Lahaut: The 60s
Focus Exhibition - Digital Experience
The works of Pierre Lahaut (1931-2013) remain a privileged witness to the evolution of the Belgian artistic movements throughout the second half of the twentieth century. We associate them with different successive trends, such as symbolism, minimalism, new subjectivity and geometricization. Having twice won the prize for Jeune Peinture belge, Pierre Lahaut is also known for being a member of the group Jeunes Figuratifs belges and co-founder of the group Axe 59. He was involved in the academic world and was a well-known teacher, having taught for 17 years at the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre (ENSAV) where he created the Atelier de dessin et stimulation graphique (Drawing and Graphic Design Studio).

> till 03.09.2017 | Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

The exhibition with a sting in its tail!
The snakes, lizards, frogs, spiders, insects and other venomous creatures in the POISON exhibition are live and spread throughout more than twenty terrariums. A trained specialist looks after their health. With a bit of luck you can even observe him working (through the window of our secure laboratory)!
During your visit please try to move slowly, don’t knock on the tanks and make as little noise as possible: (sound) vibrations disturb the animals and could make them hide away in a corner where you will not be able to see them.
A Grupo Atrox exhibition

> till 17.09.2017 | Cinquantenaire Museum

Once upon a time
The golden age of enamelled pocket watches (1650-1850)
The Royal Museums of Art and History's (RMAH) collection of old clocks and watches includes a most remarkable ensemble of pocket watches. Amongst these, the enamelled watches from the 16th to the 19th centuries are without a doubt absolute jewels. They aptly illustrate the numerous aspects of this decorative technique that is both complex and mysterious. This collection is a miniature museum in itself that offers an overview of the artistic accomplishments and fashions from 1650 to 1850. A few pieces were made in the prestigious Parisian workshops, but most passed through the able hands of artisans working for the Swiss Fabrique genevoise. Paper dresses by Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave as well as a few choice pieces of the RMAH, namely porcelain, costumes and silverwork, complete the exhibition.

> till 26.02.2020 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Gao Xingjian - The awakening of consciousness
Six monumental works by Gao Xingjian, especially created for the room they are displayed in. In his 'awakenings of consciousness', the artist invites the wanderer to cross the image and to encounter, beyond the ink, the idea itself in its existential nudity… a space where the museums (re)devote themselves to contemplation.
Nobel prize in Literature winner in 2000, Gao Xingjian, Frenchman of Chinese descent, considers himself a 'go-between' between the Oriental world which forms the basis of his identity and the Occidental world of which he discusses the idea of modernity. His work also constitutes a gateway between painting and writing.

> till 16.03.2020 | Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Bruegel. Unseen Masterpieces
When art meets technology

Drawing on a wide spectrum of virtual and on-site experiences, this unique initiative offers everyone the chance to immerse themselves in Bruegel’s works by honing in on the details of each painting and accessing expert knowledge. By delving deeper into the artist’s world, the viewer will discover the unexpected elements in Bruegel’s works which constitute the pinnacle of the Flemish master’s craft. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium launched this project jointly with the Google Cultural Institute in anticipation of the 450th anniversary of Bruegel’s death, in 2019. The project brings together major international museums, many of which are European, around the focal figure of Bruegel the Elder. This innovative concept is the fruit of in- -depth thinking on current transformations in the field of museology as it adapts to the digital era.depth thinking on current transformations in the field of museology as it adapts to the digital era.

Future Exhibitions
of the Federal Scientific Institutes

> 26-10-2017 > 25-04-2018 |Cinquantenaire Museum

Oceania: Travelling through the 5th continent
From James Cook to the 21st century, Oceania remains etched in our collective western collective consciousness to the idea of great journeys and the unknown. This will be the main theme of Oceania - Travelling through the 5th continent. The exhibition crosses the great ocean in the footsteps of eighteenth-century explorers, in search of the aesthetics of Oceanian art and its cultural context made up by ethnography and archeology. The rich collections of the Royal Museums of Art and History (Cinquantenaire Museum and Museum of Musical Instruments) and the Royal Museum for Central Africa will be featured in this exhibition. More than 200 objects from New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Hawaii and Easter Island, as well as old maps and world maps, models of ships and archives, will be on display for the occasion.


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> Botanic Garden Meise



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