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BELNET, which has been operational since 1993, grew through our department’s wish to play a part in developing the knowledge society in Belgium. The management offers high-quality internet access secured by the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) and a direct link to the world research networks, including Internet 2 (United States) and Géant 2 (Europe).

BELNET has a good 600,000 end users including university and non-university educational institutions, research centres, scientific institutes and all of the nation’s government services.

Thanks to the development of BELNET (one of the top 5 European networks) we can embark on the challenges set by Federal Science Policy in the areas of communication and information technology.

With BELNET’s coming of age as a network it is possible to organise video conferences, as well as digitalise the collections of our FSI and distance learning institutions, observe the universe, carry out weather simulations and forecasts, and study the effects of nuclear accidents.

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