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Biological Resource Centre

The Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms (BCCM™) consist of seven complementary research-based service culture collections:
1. BCCM/DCG diatoms
2. BCCM/IHEM biomedical fungi & yeasts
3. BCCM/ITM mycobacteria
4. BCCM/LMBP plasmids & DNA libraries
5. BCCM/LMG bacteria
6. BCCM/MUCL (agro)industrial fungi & yeasts
7. BCCM/ULC polar cyanobacteria
These collections are coordinated by a central team at the Belgian Federal Science Policy.
The BCCM™ consortium aims to share the biological material of its collections, related information, as well as its experience and know-how in the field of fundamental and applied (micro)biology, to the benefit of its partners and clients in the academic and industrial communities.
The BCCM™ collections therefore combine scientific expertise with quality in service.
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The Belgian Biodiversity Platform is the information and communications hub on biodiversity science and research in Belgium. It gives you a privileged access to primary biodiversity data and biodiversity research information. It encourages interdisciplinary cooperation among scientists and serves as an interface between researchers and science policy.
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