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AGORA: Research infrastructure for social sciences
Proper research requires a good set of data. All data are collected by the researchers directly if possible (e.g. through ad hoc surveys), or are extracted from the numerous registered administrative sources of information from the federal authorities. Similarly to lab material in exact sciences, these data provide a research infrastructure in the field of social sciences. The AGORA programme aims to contribute to the development/enhancement/valorisation of a high-quality research infrastructure in Belgium.
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TA: Society and Future
At the start of the new millennium, social and economic realities in Belgium appear increasingly complex. The objectives of the Society and Future programme are to untangle these complex phenomena and provide the scientific knowledge that is necessary to enable the federal state to respond successfully to the challenges it faces. The Society and Future programme has been set up around requirements for knowledge – within the scope of competency of the federal state – for which the social sciences are able to offer responses. It aims to promote research which meets three criteria:
> relevance to decision-making;
> high scientific standard;
> citizen involvement.
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DR: Drugs
Given that drug abuse is a serious public health issue in society this programme seeks to offer an answer to the most pressing problems around drug use and drug addiction. Prevention is better than cure, and this programme argues for sustained prevention.
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