Promotors documents


  • Initial Administrative Report template [Dutch] [French]
  • Mid-term progress Report template
  • Final report template

- Message to the Promotors -

BELSPO is aware that the Covid-19 crisis may have an impact on the progress of the research projects you are carrying out.

We assume that you will strive to keep any delays to a minimum and we will be flexible in this regard. Delays of a few weeks will therefore certainly not entail additional administrative measures.

If, within this flexible time frame, you are unable to meet the agreements or the submission deadlines, we ask you to contact your programme manager in order to look for solutions together.

Scheduled physical meetings - with BELSPO, partners, members of the follow-up committee, ... - are preferably organised online and therefore do not necessarily have to be postponed.

Our colleagues work from home, but stay connected. If you have any questions or comments, we are always available by phone and/or by email.

Take good care of yourself and your relatives,
The BELSPO team