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Declaration of confidentiality

The Belgian Federal Science Policy Office places a great deal of importance on the private life of users. Although the majority of the information available on this website does not require the user to provide any personal data, it is possible that users will be asked to enter personal information. In this case, the data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the act of 8th December 1992 concerning the processing of personal data.

In particular, this means that:

  • Personal data cannot be recorded or processed except for the purpose of responding to a request for information which you have made.
  • Personal data will not be passed to third parties or used for any commercial purposes.
  • You have the right to refer to your own personal data, to check the accuracy of the data and to have any errors corrected.
  • The Belgian Federal Science Policy Office undertakes to put in place the best possible security measures in order to ensure that third parties cannot misuse the personal data which you have provided.

You will find more details by reading the "Declaration of confidentiality" available on the Portal of the Belgian government.

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