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The “Space Research and Applications” directorate is responsible for managing Belgium’s space programme on a daily basis, both on a European (European Space Agency) and bilateral level (France, Russia, Argentina). It is also responsible for the Belgian state’s participation in Airbus aeronautical programmes. Belgium has been active in the space sector for the past thirty years and was at the origin of the foundation of the European Space Agency (ESA).


Activiteitenverslag Ruimtevaartactiviteiten
sinds de ESA Ministeriële Raad van december 2014 te Luxemburg en van december 2016 te Luzern
Rapport d’activités
Activités spatiales

depuis le Conseil ministériel de l'ESA de décembre 2014 à Luxembourg et de décembre 2016 à Lucerne

(De)briefing to
the Belgian space actors
BELSPO info session
9 November 2018
- Agenda
- EU Regulations
- IMM-ESA 2018 Debriefing
- Space19+.pdf


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